Top Priority...Our Children's Future!

Martha's 5 Point Plan

1. Close Opportunity Gaps

  • Expand Community Schools in VUSD from 5 to 8 schools. 

  • Provide underrepresented students opportunities for enrichment experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math classes in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

  • Identify struggling students early-on and provide effective interventions.

  • Provide students rigorous classes/content, high expectations with appropriate support services.

2. Support and Expand Dual Language Education 

  • Identify campuses that are located in areas with more than 50% of English Language Learners to provide a Dual Immersion Preschool and Elementary Programs in the school.

  • Work with local universities to recruit and encourage students to pursue Bilingual Credentials (BCLAD) to apply at VUSD.  Provide stipends for bilingual credentialed teachers and teachers with CLADS who teach/assess in 2 languages.

3. Reduce Drop Out and Suspension Rates 

  • Provide schools, teachers, and support staff the professional development and resources for Trauma Informed Practices.

  • Provide ongoing professional development for Culturally Responsive teaching environments and Restorative Practices.

  • Provide interventions and support for at-risk students such as counseling and mentorship program with community partners.

4. Increase Access To Mental Health

  • Provide students and families counseling after school hours utilizing the Healthy San Diego Behavioral Incentive Program Grant.  Vista Unified was the first district named in this grant.

  • Hire more social workers and counselors to address the needs of all our students at all of our schools.

5. Increase the Number of VUSD Students Attending
    University, College or Trade Schools

  • Create an apprenticeship pathway to prepare VUSD students for apprenticeship application opportunities in the building trades.

  • Create a culture early in elementary schools that prepares and highlights the educational opportunities available after high school.

  • Create partnerships with colleges, universities and trade unions allowing VUSD students to explore post-secondary options.